Changing our world, one egg at a time.

It started simple enough-probably over Saturday coffee. Or an off-hand remark at Sunday family dinner.

Chickens.  Chris wants to raise some chickens. What could be wrong with that? Everyone is agreeing like mad, and pretty soon we are designing coops and runs, and buying what we know is the just the first of the flock.  

Neighbors, friends, colleagues; we have an interesting dynamic on our little street and we share a lot of history. The houses we live in share history too: long ago they all shared the wide street-side meridians to grow  their own veggies during a war that is long forgotten.  Everyone pitched in and helped out. From soldiers that lived in the mother-in-law units to the families that crowded together to make room for “the war effort.”

It seems right that we still do similar things: share project work-loads, pet care, a pot of soup, fresh vegetables from the garden or chickens.

All of us are passionate about our food: how it is grown, where it comes from, how we cook it and who we share it with. Food is an important part of our “family” dynamic, and as such inspires lively debate, and discourse.  We all agree on one thing: eating well begins with caring about the food.

There are four of us involved in day-day workings of this “little farm”. And although our focus right now is our chickens, we are sure you will see other things pop up: canning, baking, who knows?

Chris: Works as a restaurant manager, is a great wine aficionado,  has recently become a dedicated fitness guy, and is the inspiration behind the chickens.

Kristina: Former chef (www.formerchef.com ) and avid traveler (www.wired2theworld.com), Kristina still works in the restaurant industry, but cooks for pleasure (and the blog).  She is the webmistress of this blog and her meticulous creativity keeps it looking good. You can follow her on twitter at @formerchefblog or @wired2theworld

Morton:  An adventurous cook and avid collector of cook books, Morton will make good use of those fresh eggs.

Sharon: Retired (oh, sure) now, Sharon hosts most of the Sunday Family dinners.  Cook, obsessive  baker, and owner of many power tools, she is still discovering the things she wants to learn how to do. She can be reached at her blog at nickelmoon.com or follow her on twitter at @nickelmoon

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Deano October 7, 2011 at 10:00 am

Dear Chicken Farmers;
What a great project you all have started. The girls are beautiful, and it seems you have a real great neighborhood to
share this bounty with. I envy you guys for your dedication and joy that this is bringing to you all. Keep up the great work.


Kymberly Baldwin Gale December 1, 2011 at 10:33 am

Deano shared the website with me. I was trying to find Stevie on her bday. Wow! Totally cool. Saw the photo of you Chris. You look so much like your Dad. Enjoy! Would love to see you all sometime. xoxo


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