New Coop; The Recovery Room

by Kristina on October 28, 2012

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A lot has happened at Mount Royal Farms in the last 5 months. Those little babies from the last post are all grown up now and a couple of them turned out to be boys. They are beautiful specimens, but roosters are prone to aggression so now they have to be separated. In addition, when they mate with the hens they can scratch the hen’s backs with their talons which can cause trauma to the hen. This in turn can affect egg production.

Recently Chris sought to remedy the situation by creating new spaces in the yard so all the chickens can have more breathing room and space to truly be “free-range”. The first thing he did was clean out part of the yard which was once a dog run. That area is connected to a room on the back of their garage which was once an outdoor home to the dogs and also a potting and storage shed. See the photo at the top of the post. This space has now been completely cleaned out and everything inside built with repurposed items. The only thing he had to purchase was the wire to go over the windows and some chain link fencing.

Don’t you just love the old shutter turned into ramp for the chickens?

Now we have the Rest and Recovery room for birds who need a safe space away from amorous roosters and pecking hens. Right now there are six lovelies in the space, and by the looks of it they are really enjoying it! They have plenty of fresh air and sunshine and a tree branch to roost on at night. Eventually, when they are all well enough, they will either be moved back into the main coop, or they will be allowed out in the side yard attached to the Recovery Room.

“Dude One” (below) is one of the babies from May’s brood. He had grown up into a big strong boy but is also very mild-tempered and allows Chris to pick him up and hold him like a baby. He currently gets to roam the fenced in main yard and lives completely cage free.

Dude Two lives in the fenced in side yard and watches protectively over his ladies in the Recovery Room.

We still have a rooster (named Chris) and three hens living in the “Maternity Ward”.

In the main coop there is a young rooster (Jude) who lives with the bulk of the laying hens along with the rooster Morton. Today they got to try butternut squash for the first time and they loved it!

They also have a new door which is going to let them out into a larger fenced in part of the yard during the day.

Thanks to Chris for doing such an amazing job with the additions and changes. They certainly have added such comfort, care and love to the chickens of Mount Royal Farms.

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