Flock Update; Births and Passings

by Kristina on May 6, 2012

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There’s nothing like raising animals to enable you to see the entire cycle of life happen before your very eyes. In the past few months we’ve had the joy of watching our chickens create more of their own and the sadness of the passing of two of the Ameraucanas (from unknown causes).

A few months ago, Chris and Sharon built a smaller addition on to the main coop. The intent of this space was to be able to use it as an infirmary if needed and hopefully a nursery. After it was built some of the hens and one of the roosters were placed in there to give the others more space.

The first experiment was to provide two dozen fertilized eggs to Kristina’s uncle who took them back to Oregon and placed them in an egg incubator. Unfortunately, none of the eggs hatched because the temperature on the incubator was too hot.

Brooding Mama Cochin

However, here at Mount Royal Farms, it quickly became apparent that one of the Cochins had become “broody” and began to sit on her eggs and those of her coop sisters and not want to move. She was allowed to keep her eggs and sit on them. After a few weeks it seemed as if nothing was going to happen, then one day a tiny crack appeared in the shell of one of the eggs. This first chick did not survive the process, but then another hatchling appeared and suddenly…we had our first home-grown chick!

Chick #3

Chick #4 on her way out.

Over the next week five more chicks hatched, the last one struggling for her first 24 hours to survive. But don’t worry, she made it and her story is documented in the videos Chris took which you can watch below.

In this first video you can see her on a heating pad, right after she came out of the shell (with a little help).

And here she is after only 24 hours!

The chicks look a little like baby penguins at first…

Here at Mount Royal Farms we are thrilled to have our “six-pack” of chicks and can’t wait to watch them grow!

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sharon Miro May 6, 2012 at 8:53 am

Can’t wait ot get home and see how they have grown….

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