Introducing The Latest Additions To The Brood

by Kristina on July 8, 2011

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The text below was written by Chris about the different breeds of the new chicks which came to Mount Royal Farms a couple of weeks ago. This brings the total chickens to 18, but there will be plenty of room out int the coop once the new chicks go outside. Photos by me (Kristina) as well as my comments below in italics.

The New Additions by Chris

The new additions to our growing flock have been a wonderful experience.  We stepped outside the box of what we had originally decided to buy, once we got to the breeder and selected 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Delawares, 2 Copper Marans, 2 Turkens, 2 Cochens and 1 additional Ameraucana.

These girls seemed much smaller than the original 7 that we purchased, in April.  Maybe it was just my perception but they really seemed smaller.  Our breeder stated that they were the same age as our first group of 7 chicks, around 2 weeks.  However, in the last 3 weeks they have grown so quickly that we are quite sure that they will be able to move to the outside within a month or so.

Let me describe them, as a proud parent would….

Buff Orpington Chick

The Buffs are adorable beige  BIG girls with very mellow personalities, at first neither one of them wanted to be picked up, no surprise there.  After about a week, I had both of them practically jumping into my hand.  These are the largest of the bunch, at this point, and I believe that they will be the largest of the flock. 
I always bring them to the window that looks out to the back yard, their future home, and show them the lay of the land.  They are still a bit “downy” with more and more feathers every day. 

Delaware Chick

The Delawares are much like parakeets, yellow with gray and white wing feathers, they both also very docile and mellow personalities.  One seems to be growing much slower than the other and I have been concerned about her, however, she is eating and drinking all of the time so I am not really too concerned. 

Copper Maran Chick

The Copper Marans are very interesting and we are not sure if we have boys or girls yet.  The breeder was not able to sex them before we took them home.  We are hopeful that they will be hens so that we don’t have to give them back.  However, our breeder did say that they would take them back if they turned out to be roosters. 
We’re not alowed to have roosters in Los Angeles. Also note, Copper Marans lay copper-colored eggs!-K
These chicks are black with very distinct combs forming on their heads.  They also have a single feather strand growing on each of their feet.  These two are feisty and do not like to be picked up.  I still do though, as I want them to tame a bit.  

Turken Chick

The Turkens are the most interesting breed of the bunch.  These girls have NO feathers or down on their necks!  They are completely bald with just skin showing.  It looks like they have little toupees on the tops of their heads and then bald from their ears down to their collar-bone.  The rest of their body looks like and Ameraucana, adorable, big eyes, skinny little necks, and lots of personality. 

Cochen Chick

The Cochens are probably the cutest of the bunch.  They are covered in feathers from head to toe…literally.  Their legs and feet are covered with feathers and when they walk it is more like a waddle.  So funny to watch, as they walk their little feet lift up and the flap of feathers over the top flop up and down.  They are also very docile and getting tamer and tamer every day. 

Ameraucana with a crooked beak.

The Ameraucana is our special needs girl.  She was born with a “tweaked” beak.  She is a bit funny looking but aside from that she is all Ameraucana, very feisty and full of energy.  We were worried that she might not thrive, but so far (knock on wood) she has been doing just fine.  She has beautiful markings and is one of the larger girls in this bunch. 
I think she is going to become everyone’s favorite. The breeder gave her to us for free because of her “specialness”-K

She may be "special" but she's happy and healthy.

So ends another chapter of Mount Royal Farms and our growing livestock.  We will hopefully see eggs from these girls in late December early January, provided the weather cooperates with them, or vice versa. 

All seems right with the world and our new feathered family members.  It has been an amazing journey, so far, and we’ve only just begun. Keep an eye on Mount Royal Farms in the next few months.  You’ll be surprised what we’ll have been up to. 


Remember the hummingbird nest in a previous post? The eggs have hatched and the photo below is of one of the baby’s beaks.

"Feed me!"

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