The Parthenon of Peeps Part 2-The Reveal

by Kristina on June 23, 2011

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See that Ameraucana chicken? That is one happy girl with lots of room to roost! Isn’t she beautiful?

If you missed part 1 of building the coop, make sure you check it out.

Once the foundation was laid, Chris and Sharon started building the framing for the external structure which is is 12×16 feet. It has full-sized doors with latches on either side and is wrapped in “hardware cloth” on all sides, doors and even the roof.
We have predators, even in the city, who would like nothing more than a tasty chicken dinner and our goal is to keep them OUT.

While I did not get to participate in most of the construction, I did spend the better part of a weekend painting every inch of green on the coop and external frame. Everyone pitched in; even David volunteered some construction time and Morton kept us supplied with coffee and sandwiches.

Building the frame and cutting the hardware cloth for the roof sections.

Inside the enclosure is the coop itself. It sits on an elevated platform and is approximately 5×5 feet square and about 4 feet tall inside. There are 3 nesting boxes and several perches inside the coop. On the back of the coop is a hinged door which can be raised for access to the nesting boxes. There are two wide barn doors on either side to make cleaning easier.

Inside and back of the coop.

While a lot of new wood had to be purchased for the construction, it’s important to note that a lot of old wood was recycled into this project. Most of the 5×5 coop was built using recycled wood. The defining design element of the front of the coop, the pediment and columns of the “Parthenon,” came from a bookcase which had been sitting in Chris and Morton’s garage for the last 10 years and was repurposed for the exterior.

The "Parthenon" before being painted.

Chris built a nice ramp out of scrap wood and used tree branches for the treads.

Happy in their new home.

Feeder and water jug (which will be suspended from bottom of coop)

The final coop! There are some large fallen tree branches inside the coop for the chickens to sit on and plenty of room for them to peck and scratch at the grass for insects. Happy chickens = happy eggs.

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Fuji Mama September 21, 2011 at 11:23 pm

That is one incredible coop!!! I mean, wow, just wow!

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