The Taj Mahal of Chicken Coops

by Kristina on May 26, 2011

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The girls are getting big and that means it’s time to start building the coop. Chris and Sharon got started this week on the project and below is an update from Chris. The photo above is the space where the coop will go, before the area was cleared and the foundation dug. We’ll hopefully have some updated pics of the chicks and the building of the coop coming soon.

From Chris:
“Today, Sharon and I are going to walk off the space and begin to build the foundation of the girls’ new home. Now being called the Taj Majal of all chicken coops, by some. I like the sound of that! Our girls will be free to roam with lots of room and we will also have plenty of space for when we expand our small 7 girl flock to a larger one, in the future.

The chicken run will consist of two separate spaces. One for the current flock and the other side for some sort of garden. Then on alternating years/seasons, we will transfer the flock to the other side and use the other on for planting. Similar to crop rotation. We are in week six right now and I must say that it has been a pleaure watching these beautiful girls grow and start to develope individual personalities. I have named one of the girls, the Golden Comet, and her name is Genevieve. She is the tamest of all the girls, so far. The Barred Rocks are the second runners up. They are so adorable. The Amercaunas are the least willing to be in my hand but slowly they are less stressed by being handled by me.

What can I say about POOP? OMG and LOL all at the same time. I have handled more poop in the last six weeks than I’d care to admit. Man can these girls poop. I’ve now had to line the floor around their brooder box as they like to jump up on the edge in the morning when I take off the screen top. And of course, as chickens do, they poop just about every couple of minutes.

DUST; yes what you read in every book about raising chickens inside, there is a layer of white dust covering everything. Since these girls are living in my dressing room there is layer of white dust on everything including my clothes. Nothing a good shke out won’t cure. And worth it to see them jump up and flap their wings everytime I go into the room. They really have changed our lives. I never thought I could bond with a chicken as I have with these girls.

In the next few weeks, we will have the run and coop finished and we will start to transition the girls to the outdoors. This will be the next step as they become pullets and I am very excited about this. When the transition is finished we will be picking up a new set of baby chicks. Buff Orpingtons and Copper Marans will be the next addition to the flock.”

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Deano September 5, 2011 at 10:39 am

Hey Chriso;

Very nice, you got eggs a plenty. Looks like you have become a real egg rancher. Congrats to you all.

Just could not be more proud. Love you all………………Daddy

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