Raising Chickens; Week 3 Update

by Kristina on May 10, 2011

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We are now into the third week of raising the chickens and they are four to five weeks old. They are starting to lose most of their little down feathers and still look a little disheveled. I was able to go over for a little visit and see them in their new expanded quarters. While this box is only temporary, they seem to enjoy it and love roosting on their perches.

Chris is lucky enough to spend time with them every day and they are clearly getting tamer and used to being handled.
He says:

“These girls are really starting to have personalities and attitudes when it comes to my relationship with them. The Golden Comet, who will probably be named Genevieve, is the most tame and she jumps right in my hand when I am tending to the girls. Also the two Barred Rocks are very tame. They will, with coaxing, get into my hand and sit there. All three of these girls are very content just sitting on my shoulders while I work in the room to prepare their food and water in the morning.
Morton is still adjusting to being around the girls and is not quite comfortable holding them yet but I’m sure he’ll get there eventually. I’m loving the changes that we are going thru with our new family members and look forward to the next few weeks of growth.
Sharon and I built the nesting boxes yesterday and are well on our way to constructing the components that will make up the coop. We also scored several 8 foot 2×4′s which will be used in the construction of the run that will surround the coop. They came from pallets that were used at work and my boss gave them to me. Thanks Todd.”

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